Benjy Russell is a self-taught artist born and raised in rural Oklahoma who currently splits his time between Dowelltown, Tennessee and New York City. His multi-disciplinary work seeks to uncover truths and partial truths of human nature through imagined realities, fictional portraiture, and alleged artifacts. His work concentrates mainly on the porous boundaries between fiction and reality, using a hybrid of genres and techniques to disorienting effect. His imagery and sculpture are a study and exploration of either side of the line that exists between sanity and a more interesting reality.

Working under the assumption that in every lie there is a kernel of truth, Russell's work exists in an "almost" reality that (in execution) takes into question spatial relationships, dimensionality, and magical realism as they apply to gender politics, objectification of archetypes, glorification of symbols, objects as subjects, science as religion, transmogrification, and masculine and feminine definitions/expectations in queer subcultures. The interplay between medium and execution makes an interesting study of the relationship between sculpture and image. The role of subject in many of his images are of sculptural objects, and many of his figurative subjects have a sculptural element.

Russell utilizes photography, sculpture, and collage to weave a story of hidden truths, lost identities, and elegant dysfunction that balances just on the other side of sanity. Peering through the thin veil of reality, these images and objects are future ruins of a soon-to-be new mythology.



Solo Exhibitions


“Battlefield of Flowers” Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA


“Soft Butch” Open Gallery, Nashville, TN


“Pomp Kersey and the Battle of Short Mountain” Mainsite Contemporary Art, Norman, OK


“It Ain’t That I Wouldn’t like to Stay” Pool Gallery, Berlin


Mainsite Contemporary Art, Norman, OK

Group Exhibitions


“The Likes of Us”, Growroom Showroom, Brooklyn, NY

“Good Mourning Tis of Thee”, Co-Lab, Austin, TX


Are you loathsome” Video Revival, Brooklyn, NY

Triple Fantasy” Third Man Records, Nashville, TN

“La Vie en Gris” Palevsky, Los Angeles, CA


“Sightlines” The Packing Plant, Nashville, TN

“Flag Show” Club Roar, Nashville, TN


Written in the Stars” Antelope Valley College Art Gallery, Lancaster, CA 

“Re-Think Environment” Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA


“Passages” Daniel Cooney Fine Art, New York City, NY

“Polari” Mo-Wave, Seattle, WA


“Midnight Salon” Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


“Golden” La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottowa, Canada

“Cafe City Arts” City Arts Center, Oklahoma City, OK


“A Feast of Fools” Second Floor, Brooklyn, NY

“Private Investigation” Mastodon Mesa, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA

“At Least a Hundred Words” Pool Gallery, Berlin

“Mastodon Maze” Mastodon Mesa, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA


NADA Art Fair, Miami, FL with Pool Gallery(Berlin)

“ICU” Barracuda, Los Angeles, CA


“Polychromatic Dreams for Future Memories(This World is so Jacked)” Liberty Art Center, Liberty, TN


“You Must Create” Pool Gallery, Berlin


“Cafe City Arts” City Arts Center, Oklahoma City, USA