Phantom pregnancy


Phantom pregnancy


2014, 24"x36" archival Giclee print, edition of 10+2AP

From Hazing the Muse; a collaborative body of work by Rya Kleinpeter and Benjy Russell which debuted in 2014.

An excerpt from an interview Rya and I did with Dr. Laurie Weeks for Recaps Magazine:

L: How long did it take you to build the white sculpture hanging over the creek?

B :Rya and I spent close to a month building that thing. It’s probably 7 feet tall by 10 feet wide. We built it in my front yard, and it took forever because it’s so huge and we were trying to decide what “language” it was going to speak. The form and the shape and how it was going to interact with its environment.

R: It was so heavy and awkward. We almost died trying to hang it on a branch over the creek.

B: We scouted locations for it around my neighborhood, and decided on the creek in front of my neighbor’s house. We loaded this giant sculpture up in the back of an ’85 Chevy truck, and it looked like a spaceship riding in the back of this shitty old pickup. This was on a Sunday, and church was letting out at the Dry Creek Baptist Church as we were driving past at about 10 mph. All of the good God fearing folks were in the parking lot staring at us as we drove by in our slutty creek clothes with our spaceship.

L: So how high is it off the ground?

B: It’s probably 6 feet off the ground.

L: It’s so non-egomaniacal that it fits right in and doesn’t seem like it’s trying to dominate the surroundings.

B: I think there’s a good dialogue happening between it and the environment that it’s in.

L: Like they’re having a play date.

R: I equate it with the monolith in 2001:A Space Odyssey. It’s just a figure that appears.

L: It came in from the other dimension. I’m sure less evolved people than we are can’t even see it.

B: The title of that piece, Phantom Pregnancy, refers to a clinical diagnosis that occurs in women and men where they exhibit signs of pregnancy.


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