The dream of the union forms another figure


The dream of the union forms another figure


2014, 11"x14" archival Giclee print, edition of 20+2AP

From Hazing the Muse; a collaborative body of work by Rya Kleinpeter and Benjy Russell which debuted in 2014.

An excerpt from an interview Rya and I did with Dr. Laurie Weeks for Recaps Magazine:

L: So tell me about this photo of Rya with a vacuum cleaner, her legs splayed symmetrically, balancing on four bottles of….

R: … generic Hawaiian Punch. It was like four for a dollar. It’s cheaper to buy that than water in Tennessee.

B: The title of that piece is The dream of the union forms another figure.

L: I love your titles. They really make another facet of the whole origami piece unfold.

R: It’s an objectified thing. it’s not even a human form.

L: I’m getting that. There are a ton of things you think of when you see a vacuum cleaner going up a twat. I don’t really want to spell them out, but it’s so fun. “Is society vacuuming out my period____?” I’m channeling Werner Herzog right now. “Has the red soda destroyed the body of woman?”

R: The other character in these works are the complimentary colors. Nature is the third character, and complimentary colors are the fourth character.

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